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The ImageToolbox Batch Processor

An automated batch processor is offered for all versions of the ImageToolbox so you can harness the power of our products without any additional programming or software development.

This application is ideal for many customers looking for a cost effective conversion solution with all the features they need.

The program processes large groups of files using your licensed ImageToolbox software. We customize this program to match your exact project requirements. The batch processing software is based on a fast, efficient and stable code base.

This application is provided as an extra cost service to meet the needs of some customers. The batch processor is not included in the price of your ImageToolbox.

This batch processing software allows any organization to use the ImageToolbox without developing any software themselves.

Larger companies may also find that we can supply this application far faster and at a much lower cost than their in-house software development team.

Providing this as a custom application means the exact conversion features you require are included in the software.

The standard batch processing program looks like a very simple application to the user. Some options and settings are not available through the user interface.

sample itbproc program dialog

When the program is run a dialog is displayed to collect user specified values for processing the directory. Once the Start Processing button is pressed, the program performs the conversions without any additional user interaction.

The program converts all the source files contained in a specified directory and all subdirectories. The converted files are written to the output path using the same directory structure. All the files are converted using your licensed ImageToolbox software.

Source files that cannot be converted are listed in the log file, along with the error code that was detected.

Processing may be interrupted during the conversion by pressing the STOP button. A confirmation dialog ensures the user really wants to cancel the operation.

Configuration options are stored in an associated INI file. Here the default values for all input fields can be specified. Also, the program dialog fields and subdirectory processing can be disabled.

The standard software contains enough features for many customers, however some additional features may help you import the processed files into the new system more easily.

Some additional feature suggestions:

  • Extract index information from the source files.
  • Use index information to create file names or to write the output files to segregated directories.
  • Write a log of files processed.
  • Access an external database for reading or writing information.
  • Enhanced conversion error handling.
  • Retain, move or delete source files based on the success of the conversion.

Our goal is to make the steps after the file conversion as easy as possible by providing all the features and support files you require.

Once we have agreed on the feature set, your application can normally be delivered in just a few working days.

Rush jobs are completed as quickly as possible.

Less than you might expect.

The user interface, plus the conversion settings and output file naming strategy all require some customization for each customer.

Changes to the existing features or additional custom features require additional software development.

The automation code is well tested and stable, so this core batch processing logic normally does not need any changes.

The bottom line - we can answer after we know what features you require. The quote will be on a fixed price basis so there are no surprises!

Please contact us to discuss how a batch processor could benefit your conversion project.

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